Implementing Sustainable Practices in Facility Management
10:00AM – 12:30PM EST  |  7:00AM - 9:30AM PST

This workshop will consist of a short presentation on successful sustainable practices in a manufacturing facility. This will be followed by interactive discussions where you can gain insights and answers to some of your most pressing sustainability challenges. This is an opportunity for you to gain knowledge and network with your peers to grow your sustainability goals.

Key Takeaways Include:

• Set achievable sustainability goals
• Overcome the financial barrier – find sustainable methods that don’t break the bank
• Maximize the efficiency of your current processes to reduce energy expenditures
• Avoiding green-washing tactics
• Discuss successful sustainable methods and learn from your peers

Workshop Leader

Jacob Vester MAFM

Jacob Vester
Senior Environmental Consultant


Facility Management to Recover from COVID Impacts
1:30PM – 4:00PM EST | 10:30AM - 1:00PM PST

This workshop is an opportunity for you and your peers to come together and discuss the challenges that have arisen this past year due to the COVID outbreak. Through breakout group discussions, you will gain hands-on guidance on how to best move forward and drive long term advantages from the learnings of twenty-twenty.

Key Takeaways Include:

• Discuss the lessons people have learnt this year
• Set up long term plans for the workplace
• Learn how to coordinate with your supply chain team to avoid shortages and combat rising costs
• Utilize the learnings from twenty-twenty to drive your business forward
• Look to the future: how to best move forward and recover

Workshop Leader:

Jackie Cupper

Jackie Cupper
IFM Consultant
4xi Global Consulting