8:45 am Login & Virtual Coffee

9:30 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Digitally Connected Asset Management

9:40 am Case Study – Linking Energy and Sustainability to Reliability & Asset Care

10:00 am Implementing IoT & Digital Solutions into an Asset Management Program Using a Top-down Approach

10:20 am Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

10:45 am Virtual Speed Networking

11:30 am Morning Break

• Live Demo at Virtual Exhibition Hall
• Arrange Virtual 121 Meetings

Dedicated Roundtable Discussion:
• How to Implement Industry 4.0 in Manufacturing World?

12:00 pm A Data Driven Approach to Manage Your Asset Lifecycle & Reliability

12:20 pm Using Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) to Increase Overall Asset Availability & Reliability

  • Cody Boyd Senior Specialist, Engineering, Maintenance Excellence, Merck

12:40 pm Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

  • Thomas Harris Regional TPM Reliability Lead, AstraZeneca
  • Cody Boyd Senior Specialist, Engineering, Maintenance Excellence, Merck

1:00 pm Working Lunch Break – Reliability Engineering in the Digital Era


Deep Dive: Reliability Engineering in the Digital Era
Pharma 4.0 opens the door for a wider range of new technologies and benefits in many sectors, and the pharma
manufacturing environment is no exception. To remain competitive in this rapidly advancing space, modern engineering needs to adapt and requires specialist knowledge to help overcome current challenges. In this session, you will:

• Learn about AI and machine learning – is this possible in biopharma environments?
• Address key challenges and potential obstacles
• Evaluate design, maintenance and reliability methodologies to improve manufacturing processes

Participants will be able to dive into discussion to seek practical takeaways from the leader.

Transitioning to Future Manufacturing Facilities

2:00 pm Fireside Chat: The Future of Asset Reliability & Facility Monitoring


This is an interactive and open dialogue between Jon and Christian. We will be discussing:
• How drug manufacturers can leverage digitization, automation and machine learning to improve asset reliability and facility monitoring
• Lessons learned so far: opportunities and common pitfalls
• Potential challenges during implementation

Audience will also be able to fire questions towards our expert speakers to get first-hand insights.

2:40 pm Case Study – Driving Value in GMP Manufacturing Facility Design, Construction and Qualification

  • Becca Ford Manager, Project Management and Plant Engineering, Eli Lilly and Company

3:00 pm Achieving Resiliency, Sustainability, & Plant Modernization in CAPEX Constrained Environments


  • Transferring risk and costs so you can focus on your core operations
  • Increasing resiliency and minimizing site disruptions
  • Achieving sustainability goals with guaranteed outcomes

3:15 pm Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

3:30 pm Afternoon Break

4:00 pm Case Study – Facility Management during Transition from a R&D to a GxP Space

4:20 pm Implementing a Multi-Tiered Approach to Industry 4.0

4:40 pm Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

5:10 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:15 pm End of Day 1