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8:30 am Login & Virtual Coffee

9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Implement Excellent Asset Lifecycle Management

9:15 am Maximizing Asset Performance Through Strategic Implementation of LCAM


• Implementation of a Life-Cycle Asset Management (LCAM) to provide a structured framework
• Driving efficient and effective ways of working by integration of processes, systems and resources
• Optimizing the cost, risk and performance of assets over their life cycle

9:40 am Assessing the Lifecycle of a Workorder to Increase Efficiency

  • Chris Clayton Director of Information Technology , INCOG BioPharma Services


• From request to post review: streamlining the process
• Reducing downtime by efficiently processing work orders
• Maintaining a steady and reliable workflow

9:50 am Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

10:10 am Virtual Speed Networking

10:30 am Mid-Morning Coffee Break


Roundtable DiscussionThis will be a chance to break off into smaller groups to discuss either of the following topics. Join your fellows to share your lessons learned and challenges, be inspired with actionable takeaways to define tomorrow’s best practice!

A: GMP & Compliance in Asset Management

Discuss the constraints and benefits of GMP and compliance in asset management to learn how assets can be best maintained.

B: Implementing a Zero Loss Culture to Reduce COGs

You and your peers can discuss how to successfully implement a zero-loss culture through asset management to improve efficiency and reduce COGs.

11:10 am Lean Manufacturing Practices in the Pharma Industry


• The principles of Lean Manufacturing and how it can progress the pharma industry
• How Lean Manufacturing can reduce time, money and waste in facilities
• Achievable goals for the implementation of Lean Manufacturing practices

11:30 am Utilizing Calibration Data to Extend Asset Lifespans


• How to best use Calibration Data
• Basing asset management strategies from data
• Extending the lifespan of assets to reduce overall COGs

11:50 am Total Productive Maintenance


• The benefits of a holistic approach to asset management
• Reducing downtime, eliminating defects and improving production cycles
• How TPM can increase safety in a workplace and lead to no accidents

12:10 pm Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

12:35 pm Lunch Break

1:35 pm Panel Discussion: Women & Diversity in Pharma Manufacturing


This panel discussion is an opportunity to hear multiple diverse perspectives and experiences in the
pharma manufacturing industry. By hearing these we can tap into all voices and leaders can unlock the full potential of their teams. Some discussion points are outlined below:
• Giving and Gaining Respect in male dominated teams
• Working across generations and differences

Modernizing Your Facility for Pharma 4.0 & Evolving Pipeline

2:10 pm Enhancing Flexibility in Bio-Pharmaceutical Operations

  • Morten Munk Director - Global Alliance Management, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies


• How to keep up with the exponential rate of technological evolution in the pharma industry
• Balancing cost, time and flexibility
• Using control strategies to increase the efficiency of your facility

2:30 pm Integrated Facility Management


• Working with vendors to successfully progress your facility
• Using a single platform to holistically assess your assets and facility

2:50 pm Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

3:10 pm Virtual Speed Networking


A chance for those coffee table conversations. Randomized 1-2-1 meetings with your peers to grow your network.

3:35 pm Afternoon Break


Take this opportunity to join the roundtable discussion for inspiration from your fellow colleagues; or take this opportunity to meet with our expert partners for 1-2-1 meetings to find out about their latest innovations.

Roundtable Discussion: Sustainability Expectations within Facilities
A chance to discuss how to implement sustainability in your facilities and operations, measure and benchmark against your peers through candid sharing. Gain a better understanding of expectations and learn from others.

1-2-1 Meetings

4:20 pm Centrifuge Monitoring & Maintenance to Reduce Downtime


• Ensuring the centrifuges are operating smoothly
• Maintaining production and increasing efficiency to reduce to overall COGs
• On-site troubleshooting to reduce downtime

4:40 pm Safe Utility Operations

  • Matthew Bray Manager, Facilities Engineering , FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies


• Managing assets in a reliable and safe way
• Ensuring the best-in-class maintenance to maintain workflow
• Maintaining production without compromising an asset’s lifespan

5:00 pm Live Q&A – Ask Our Speakers Your Burning Questions

5:15 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:30 pm End of Day One