Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner with Us?

The virtual Manufacturing Asset & Facility Management in Pharma Summit is committed to helping you not only raise brand awareness and exposure, demonstrate your platform capability and make long-lasting relationships with industry leaders, but also enable our selected audience to assess and learn about your innovative products to drive manufacturing reliability and operational readiness.

With the shift to pharma 4.0 and digitization, as well as a focus on cost reduction, our audience is looking for solutions in the following areas:

  • Advanced pharma 4.0 technologies that will optimize operations
  • IoT solutions to improve maintenance of assets and monitoring of the manufacturing environment through real-time data
  • Inventory management platforms and asset tracking capabilities
  • Equipment surplus management (resell, auction, recycle etc) to identify resell, recycling, redeployment opportunities, ensuring maximization of capital recovery
  • Facility management solutions for technical and non-technical functions
  • Proven engineering and design firms. Sustainability, maximization and thoughtful use of floor space and implementation of advanced technology are all top priorities for new facilities
  • Consulting advice and expertise for projects requiring an abundance of knowledge and experience

Connecting you with our Audience 

We are replicating the physical experience at the virtual summit for speakers, delegates and sponsors – as we understand the importance of face-to-face interaction and networking elements to forge long-term business partnerships.

In addition to the ‘zoom call’ you must have got used to, you will be able to:

  • Live demo your product and platform at your designated booth in the Virtual Exhibition Hall and answer your prospect customers questions
  • Executive meeting room where you can host 1-2-1 private meetings or a think tank discussion with selected customers
  • Join our virtual speed networking when we will pair you up with fellow conference attendees to spark discussion and exchange business cards
  • Host a panel or roundtable discussion to share your thought leadership and share the stage of industry KOLs

As the digital world presents us with more opportunities, we will be more than happy to curate an option for your business needs.  Get in touch today so we can help you achieve your commercial goals.

See the full event guide for more information

Inquire About Bespoke Opportunities & Demo of Virtual Platform

If you have a solution or product that will help this community, please get in touch to discover bespoke partnership opportunities to best fit and align with your commercial objectives.

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Partnership Opportunities

Sam Berrill

Partnerships Director